Hello there!

I’m Jenny, an excitable early bird who enjoys nothing more than a sunrise yoga session then a well deserved hearty breakfast afterwards!

Yoga is for everyone, whether you’re doing it for fitness, health, mental wellbeing or just for a bit of fun. Everyone comes away with something different and can use the benefits of yoga for their own development. I believe that as part of a healthy lifestyle yoga can contribute to us living well and being happy.

My love for Yoga really began when I  actually fell ill with a number of health issues about 8 years ago at University – these ranged from serious anaemia to thyroid problems and to be honest I was just exhausted all the time. Although I had been to yoga classes here and there before, once I had recovered I needed an exercise that would energise and restore my wellbeing both mentally and physically. So I turned to yoga as a way of healing my body. I started going to regular yoga sessions, and soon became really interested in the possibility of teaching others so they could feel the energising and invigorating effects that I had experienced.

With over +200 certified Yoga Teaching Hours, plus experience in Hot Yoga, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, my fun yet classic style of teaching also focuses on the benefits of each posture so you come away from a class with knowledge of how each asana or breathing technique can help you.   My aim is that everyone comes away from my class feeling happier,  revitalised and more energised.

My own wellness adventure has also led me taking an interest in all things wellbeing related, to create a life which is as healthy and happy as possible. This has included going dairy free, working on my own motivation, lots of research into nutrition, wellbeing and taking care of my mental health. I created a blog to share all of this with you, so if you have a minute or two why not have a read about some of the energising lifestyle, fitness and recipes featured on my blog sunshineandberries.com

I’m so excited to share this journey with you. Take a look at my teaching schedule or just get in touch to ask me any questions.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Jenny x